Building 1 contains torque converter and transmission manufacturing and shipping.

Beginning in 1973, Dennis and Cathie Sneath were determined to produce top of the line quality repairs on transmissions using their facility established in Rockford, Illinois. Armed with over 40 years of superior customer service and experience, they bring to you Midwest Converters of Rockford,IL.

  Midwest Converters and Racing Transmissions of Rockford, IL. takes service to the next level by providing you with high performance converters and Racing transmissions that are not only customized to fit your needs, but are also durable enough to keep up with you in the fast lane. With a team of over 20 professionals, delivering thousands of converters monthly around the US, Midwest Converters of Rockford, IL. can guarantee the shipment of their products in a timely fashion. The available 5 year limited warranty makes Midwest Converters of Rockford, IL. an even easier choice. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Midwest Converters of Rockford,IL part of the MW Group Inc, including Midco Lubricants, and PolyX Lubricants Midco Lubricants is dedicated to providing you with the quality automatic transmission fluid, motor oils, synthetic racing oils, gear lubes, as well as additive packages to enhance lubricants and engine fuels. We are the home of Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

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