PolyX 1 Step Clean and Shine Creme Wax

 The Original Version Redesigned With

Micronized Carnauba Wax and Polymers

 Easy on – Easy off, no film or residue formula 

  PolyX “1 Step”Seal & Shine Crème Car Wax™is the modern version redesigned from theoriginal 1950’s Carnauba paste wax. This isn’t your father’s car wax! Paste waxes used in the 50’s and through the 80’s were the best car finish protectant available then, period. Natural Carnauba wax used hazardous solvents to liquefy the flakes into a paste, and since then tighter EPA regulations restrict the use of these high VOC solvents released into the air. Carnauba paste wax is hard and tough to apply and tougher to wipe off leaving an annoying film. It is simply outdated.

 We do not recommend any of the latest crazes of Teflon or Nano Ceramic based protectants and Dupont, the original developer of Teflon has stated “Teflon does nothing to protect a cars finish” It takes a temperature of over 600º F to bond Teflon to anything. And as far as Ceramics go, more hype, Impossible for the average Joe to apply evenly and almost certainly to streak on darker paints. Can be applied successfully only by professionals as a base coat protection. Wax should not be applied until 72 hours after Ceramics are applied and can be polished as often as a owners preferred. It should be noted that nano dimensional products are dangerous and under scrutiny of unintentional absorption through the skin and into the bloodstream. Nitrile gloves must be used when handling any nano materials.

 The solution, Micronize the Natural Carnauba wax flakes into much smaller micron particles and using lower VOC exempt solvents. The EPA safe solvents blended into the Micronized wax, Synthetic Polymers and Sealants together and the results are a smooth, easily applied, easily removed crème wax.

  Carnauba wax is used for the hardest paint protection along with Synthetic Polymers to seal and shine. Add in a UV protectant and you have the highest degree of finish protection against the sun, wind, dust, acid rain, and bird droppings along with bug impact damage.PolyX “1 Step” Seal &Shine Crème Car Wax™adds a layer of hard protection each time it is used and can be hand buffed with a clean micro fiber towel or machine buffed with a simple foam pad leaving a deep shine and no residual film. Excellent protection for modern clear coat-base coat paint.

  Use PolyX Cleaner Polish™between waxing to quickly clean and shine the finish without re-waxing, great for quick touch-ups before shows or road trips.

 PolyX “1 Step”Seal & Shine Crème Car Wax™andPolyX Cleaner Polish, along with other PolyX Car Care Products™are available online, from Dealers or Factory Direct by phone or simply e-mail@ carcare53@yahoo.com


PolyX, and PolyX 1 Step”Seal & Shine Crème Car Waxand PolyX Cleaner Polish are trademarks of Midco Lubricants


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